Joining College Scholarship Contest

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imageFor some, joining college scholarship contest is the best way to get free money fast and easy. However, many are intimidated when hearing the term “contest”. And when term is added to the phrase “college scholarship”, the contest would sound very tough to get through with.

Yes, it can be affirmed that when you “college scholarship contest” there is a little intimidation created. This is especially true to those who have yet to join contests. And if they are scared enough to join any type of contest, what more with college scholarship contest?

On the other point, college scholarship contest should not be intimidating. Since you can never know if you will win or not until you have joined the content, there is no reason for you to become hesitant in trying this out.

Well, before we conclude on things; let us know what is college scholarship content is all about.

College scholarship contests are designed to open up opportunities to students (either high school or presently enrolled in college) to win cash price to finance their education. However, when we say “to win cash price to finance their college education”, it will not limit on giving money on the winner after the competition. There are those contests that give the price money won directly to the school recipient. There are contests that also give the student and the school the price money.

Mostly, the college scholarship contests come in essay-writing format while other contests concentrate on the arts, sports, science or math research projects, geography and more. Either way, the contest aims to give students the chance to study without worrying too much about the finances.

Depending on the sponsor, the price of college scholarship contest could be as low as $1,000 and as high as $50,000. Now, who would not want that?

Imagine this: one win in a college scholarship contest could mean free college education. And one win from a college scholarship contest could mean freedom on problems brought about by college education.

Going back, if college scholarship contents intimate you, then, it is about time to do research on them and you will know what help they could give to you. Joining a college scholarship contest may not give you ease. But who knows? You might have hidden talents that are enough win the contest and enough to assure your good future.

Scholarships for Occupational Therapist?????

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ok, im a high school student in Texas. does anyone know of any scholarships for students persuing occupational therapy degrees????(really, any financial aid would be great!).

How is Education Abroad Related to the College/university Mission Statement?

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imageIt is important to draw justification for a study abroad program from the college/university mission statement. Look for excerpts from mission statements and senior level administration for internationalizing the curriculum, developing students with a global perspective, preparing students for a global workforce, etc.

Academic Scholarship?

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I really want to get a full academic scholarship to the University of South Carolina. Im only a freshmen in HS, but i want to get off right. However, i probably will end up with 2 B’s on my report card. Is a full academic scholarship still possible? If it is, what should i do to get one.

A Different World: A World Alike 3/3

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A Different World Episode #60, Season 3 Whitley meets Julian, an attractive exchange student from Georgetown who is part of Hillman’s anti-apartheid group. Kim receives a scholarship that will solve her financial problems and allow her to gain work experience in a lab, rather than flipping burgers at the Pit. Unfortunately, Freddie discovers that the company funding the scholarship is a subsidiary of a corporation with investments in South Africa. Julian proposes a boycott; he angers Whitley by recommending that Hillman cut all financial ties with the corporation, as this would cost Kim her scholarship. Due to her father’s health problems, Kim would have to work two jobs to stay in school. A young man from South Africa argues against the termination of scholarships, because he feels that the success of African American students serves as a beacon of hope to black South Africans mired in poverty and oppression. Kim decides to turn down the scholarship anyway. Whitley accepts a date with Julian.

Scholarships For African Americans – Assisting African-Americans To Achieve The American Dream

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imageThe American dream consists of owning one’s own house, driving a brand new car, and managing one’s own business or working in a reputable company. However, due to the economic crisis occurring all over the globe, the soaring prices of merchandise and services, this dream has become more of a figment in one’s imagination. Poverty or financial challenges, however, should not be the reason why you can’t have a shot at achieving this dream. At a dire time in the country’s history, financial and educational assistance is being offered to African Americans from all over the country who would like to, one day, achieve this American dream. Scholarships for African Americans are not only being offered by the government but by private offices, as well. Notable individuals too, have provided various programs to be able to help African-Americans in the country become intellectual and responsible individuals in the future. Millions of students are being provided with financial assistance yearly. If you hope to be part of that fortunate group, there are certain sacrifices which you must be willing to comply with. For one, your grades could help you qualify. When you apply for a scholarship program, the number one document that is being reviewed by sponsors is your report card. Don’t fret though, there are easy scholarship programs that are being provided by other sponsors and their application requirements are much easier to provide than academic programs. There are also scholarships for African-Americans that do not look at one’s academic standing as the main qualifying factor: sports scholarships are examples of which. Scholarships for African-Americans are growing due to the demand of African-Americans in the country for more opportunities to realize the American dream and the growing number of African-American students in schools have also brought institutions to create more programs for African-Americas only. There are also certain industries wherein members of other minorities are dominant; and in order to balance the opportunities being provided to certain minority groups in the country, sponsors have decided to provide more grants and scholarships. One of the largest organizations that aims to assist African-Americans in the country is The United Negro Fund. This organization supports African-American students fully so that they may be able to land high-collar jobs and to become self-supportive. Other reputable scholarships are the Sallie Mae fund, Malcolm X Scholarship for Exceptional Courage, and the Ron Brown Scholar Program, to name a few.

Can someone help me in finding scholarships for my masters degree in Statistics or Economics or related field?

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I have got a B.Sc degree in Statistics. Currently I am working in a university as a graduate assistant, and I am searching for masters degree scholarships in Statistics or Economics. I feel my internal giving emphasis to the fields of BioStatistics, Econometrics, Development Studies and Operations Research.I look forward to your immediate response.

Student Profile: Jacqueline Payton

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Meet Jacqueline Payton. She is one oftwenty college journalism students who will join NLGJA in the nation’s capital during “NLGJA Goes to Washington” (August 21-24) for the organization’s 2008 Student Project. Students selected for this competitive program work with professional journalism mentors in print, online, video and radio to produce coverage about NLGJA, its annual conference and the LGBT community.

College Scholarship Essays: 5 Things You Want to Know

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imageStarting to write college scholarship essays may make you shake in your boots. After all, what you write could either win you a sizable chunk of cash, or not. But with some preparation, you can lower your nervousness and improve your writing. Take a look here for a few great ways to kick start your ideas, turn your brain on, and get started.

All Women And Mothers Qualify For $10,000 In Scholarships Through Obama’s New Program

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imageDid you ever start something that you didn’t finish with the thought, “Oh, I’ll get to it as soon as ____,” you will in the blank? It seems as moms, that happens all too frequently. Our intentions are good, but there is so much going on in our busy lives that sometimes we just don’t get back to our project and before we know it a year, two years, or more go by and we are no closer to being done than when we started.  If that is the scenario with you and your college dreams, then you need to take advantage of the government scholarships for moms. This year, the federal government has allotted much more money than in years past to the scholarship funds for moms. In fact, you may qualify for up to $9,000.00 in government scholarships for this school year.  That is a good deal of money. In many cases more than enough to pay for your tuition, books and have some left over. The good news is that this is your money to have. You never have to pay it back. The last thing that you want is to have to pay back a huge amount of money when you finish college.  You can use any money you have after you pay your college costs for anything that you need or want. For example, if you would really benefit from a new laptop for your studies, then you can buy one with your government scholarship funds. You may think that if you had time for college then you would have finished long ago so how can one expect you to have the time now. Well, some more good news is that there are now numerous colleges and universities that have total degree programs online.  This means that you can take your classes as they fit into your schedule.  Once more, if you are truly motivated to get done, then you may be able to finish your degree online much quicker than you would have in the traditional college setting. There are so many good reasons to finish your degree. You can earn more money, have more benefits, change jobs or even careers, and set a good example for your children.  Did you know that children whose parents graduated from college have a much more likelihood of becoming college graduates? The whole process of getting a government scholarship for moms is easy. To find out more about these awards so a quick online search.  In no time, you will be back in the classroom or virtual classroom, well on your way of crossing off on more thing on your ‘to do’ list.