A Different World: A World Alike 3/3

A Different World Episode #60, Season 3 Whitley meets Julian, an attractive exchange student from Georgetown who is part of Hillman’s anti-apartheid group. Kim receives a scholarship that will solve her financial problems and allow her to gain work experience in a lab, rather than flipping burgers at the Pit. Unfortunately, Freddie discovers that the company funding the scholarship is a subsidiary of a corporation with investments in South Africa. Julian proposes a boycott; he angers Whitley by recommending that Hillman cut all financial ties with the corporation, as this would cost Kim her scholarship. Due to her father’s health problems, Kim would have to work two jobs to stay in school. A young man from South Africa argues against the termination of scholarships, because he feels that the success of African American students serves as a beacon of hope to black South Africans mired in poverty and oppression. Kim decides to turn down the scholarship anyway. Whitley accepts a date with Julian.

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10 Responses to “A Different World: A World Alike 3/3”

  1. jl2279 Says:

    What other show ever aired was centered around young intelligent black college students at an HBCU, was funny and well written, and also dealt with topics like domestic violence, AIDS, apartheid, sexism, racism, Desert Storm……the best show ever……plus Walter killed me when he called Julian ‘Rap Brown’

  2. MikeKrysta1 Says:

    This was one of the most well written shows ever. It never really got the credit it deserved as far as awards.

  3. camilledm Says:

    Black Power! Nice episode.

  4. VirtuousD Says:

    The question is: Can a show like this survive on a major network again now? There are NO African-American shows on primetime. This show was a classic , not only centering around a(n) HBCU,but portrayed us in a positive light and helped to increase college admission amongst African-Americans in the early 90s.

  5. MsKalima508 Says:

    A Different World starts tonight on TV ONE. Jan 25th.

  6. ninjapoodle22 Says:

    Whitley~ “And your raincheck just bounced buddy!”
    *runs off*
    Dwyane ~ How’s it going there Georgetown? Bounce, bounce, bounce! ”
    LOVE IT!!!

  7. ChicagoTyme Says:

    Yeah, I loved the part when Whitley and Julian were fighting lol. They both had a point, but I really agreed more with Whitley.

  8. nattycraw Says:

    This was the GREATEST show ever!

  9. charlyblues Says:

    Damn I wish colleges were like this in real life.. or that that mindstate of those day were still implented in these day and times in every part of the world.

    One love

  10. mooki33 Says:

    LOL@ Dwayne’s comment about Whitley 5:35 mark.

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